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Cleaning services

– We are keen to be in the service of large facilities inside Egypt after we have already done in Italy, and we sought to be the best among our competitors and improve the quality of our services provided in the areas of cleanliness and protection of the environment.

– The company implements its services according to the latest methods and standards used in the cleaning operations using the latest equipment and machines used all over the world and the best raw materials conforming to European standards.

Control of insects and rodents

Gecko Group is a specialized company in the elimination of creeping insects, aircraft and rodents using the best methods of control and specialized engineers to carry out this process. It is the company in Egypt that uses scientific methods without smell and without toxic substances in the process of extermination.

Insects and rodents threaten health, causing us harm and transmission of many diseases as well as the risks they cause, and they spread around us everywhere. Therefore, pest control, rodents and cleaning of places around us are important, preventive and essential measures in our lives. And not merely additional measures.

Health, Safety and Environment

The Gecko Group works on:

– Providing a safe place to work.

– Safe working methods and systems.

– Consult with our staff on issues affecting health and peace.

– Providing and maintaining safe equipment.

– Provide relevant personal protective equipment.

– Ensure the safe handling and use of materials.

– Ensure that all staff receive appropriate safety training.

– Review and present this policy when necessary at regular intervals.

Company Director

The Manager shall bear ultimate responsibility for any matter affecting health and safety, where:

– Ensure adequate financial provision for health and safety obligations.

– Provide appropriate information and instructions to employees.

– Ensure work and are scheduled to take health and safety issues into account.

– Ensure that staff at all levels receive appropriate training.

– Monitoring and evaluating risks to health and safety.

– Understand the company’s health and safety policy and ensure that it is readily available to employees.

– Set a personal example when visiting the site by wearing any appropriate protective equipment.

– Promote activity at all levels and the company’s commitment to effective health and safety management.

Coordinator / Representative of Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Coordinator shall be responsible for:

– Monitor the implementation of the health and safety policy and review its suitability through regular safety audits / inspections carried out in different workplaces.

– Investigate any incidents, if they arise and carry out correct procedures.

– Review health and safety legislation and implement any new requirements related to the company’s commitment.

– Coordinate with managers, employees, subcontractors and specialists as appropriate.

– Collecting reports and reporting any reported incidents including injuries, diseases and hazardous regulations.


Employees shall have the following duties at work:

– Cooperating with the company’s management in promoting safety policy and safety rules of the company.

– You expose yourself or others to danger by their actions or neglect during work.

– Read and understand the company’s health and safety policy, and abide by its rules.

– Ensure, as appropriate, that all protective equipment provided is properly used, in accordance with the training of staff safety.

– Reporting any defects in equipment to the webmaster.


In accordance with the relevant legislation, the company communicates and consults with staff on the following issues:

– The content of this policy.

– Any specific rules for a site or job.

– Changes in legislation and best practices.

– Planning for health and safety training.

– Introducing new equipment related to their work.


All employees are given appropriate training for their responsibilities according to the Health and Safety Department in the labor regulations. Training will be provided for the following cases:

– Introductory training for new employees (awareness of health and safety procedures, company procedures, etc.).

– Training covering the risks of cleaning products in which employees work.

– Introducing new updates.

– Training is also provided for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and manual handling. , The training records provided in the file will be retained.


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